central florida birds

Scroll down to view birds commonly seen in Central Florida. The birds above are Sandhill Cranes.


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cattle egret


The Cattle Egret is white with peach-colored smudges on the top of its head and on its back. It has an orange bill and is about 24" tall.

snowy egret


The Snowy Egret is white with a black bill, black legs and bright yellow feet. It stands about 24" tall.

young little blue heron


The Little Blue Heron starts out white and gradually turns dark blue as it matures. It has pale green legs and a grey bill with a black tip. It is about 24" tall and is easily mistaken for a Snowy Egret.

white ibis


The White Ibis appears all white, but it has black wing tips which are visible when it flies. It is about 25" tall and has orange legs and feet and a distinctive orange bill that curves downward.

great egret


The Great Egret is an all-white bird with a long yellow bill, long black legs and black feet. It stands about 38" tall. 



The Osprey is often mistaken for an Eagle because it is dark brown and white, but the Osprey has a white belly and breast. It is about 24" tall and has a dark streak through the eyes. Female Ospreys have a brown "necklace" across the chest.

Bald Eagle


The adult Bald Eagle is dark brown with a white head and white tail. Its bill and feet are bright yellow. It is about 36" tall and has a wingspan of 6 to 7 feet. Young Bald Eagles are brown.



The Limpkin is brown with white markings. It stands about 26" tall. It has a long, slightly down-curving bill and feeds mainly on freshwater shellfish.



The Double-crested Cormorant is a 33" tall black bird often seen swimming, diving for fish or drying off near water. It has orange cheeks and a grey bill that is hooked at the end. Its eyes are turquoise.



The Anhinga is similar to the Cormorant, but the Anhinga has a longer pointed bill, and a longer neck and tail. The male Anhinga is black with white accents. The female has a light brown neck and breast.

Sandhill Crane


The Sandhill Crane is a tall grey bird with a bright red eye mask. Its feathers are often stained with a brownish color. It has long legs and a long pointed bill. It is about 42" to 48" tall. Above is an adult and a 7 week old baby.

Great Blue Heron


The Great Blue Heron is actually a tall grey bird with a white face and black eyebrows that extend back to form a black cap. It has long legs and a long yellow bill. It stands about 48" tall.