Florida's nature on display

Florida's nature on display

Florida's nature on displayFlorida's nature on displayFlorida's nature on display

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Sandhill cranes: one adult on nesting, other adult near nest

Male and female Sandhill Cranes look alike

Sandhill Cranes are common in Central Florida. They stand about four feet tall. Adults have grey bodies and a distinctive red cap on their heads. They are not usually coastal shore birds. They are more often found near ponds, in fields and near golf courses. Males and females look alike. They return to the same nest year after year to produce young, taking turns incubating the eggs.


Sandhill Crane chick, one day after hatching

When the chick hatches, it is able to walk within 8 hours. Both adults feed the chick and teach it to find food and water.


The family stays together

The juvenile stays with the adults for 6 to 10 months. It will grow quickly and gradually turn grey. Juveniles do not have a red cap.

For information on birds, go to https://www.allaboutbirds.org/